Advertiser API Documentation

The Advertiser APIs are used to share information between Advertisers and PlayHaven. Depending on your requirements, please consult the following three documents:

Attribution and Tracking API

The Attribution and Tracking API is for partners that are capable of determining attribution. Typically, this solution is appropriate for partners that leverage 3rd party tracking companies such as HasOffers, Ad-X, and Kochava.

This API is required for partners that manage attribution.

Click and Conversion API

The Click and Conversion Notification API sends click and conversion notifications to partners. Each notification can include dynamically changing information, such as device IDs, timestamps, and campaign information.

This API is optional.

Direct Integration API

The Direct Integration API is for partners that are directly integrating with PlayHaven but not managing attribution. This requires partners to send PlayHaven all first-time installations so that we can accurately account for installations.

This API is required for partners that do not manage attribution.