Preloading Content Instructions
Preloading content will significantly reduce the load times of Upsight promotions. A preloaded request will cache Upsight creatives (images) in memory before rendering them. Preloading is triggered on a background thread of the application so that it does not affect gameplay.

Recommendations/Best Practices

1. Avoid Pre-Loading at the Same Time as the Content Request

If the pre-load request is made at the same time as the content request (i.e., placement is triggered) no time will be available to pre-load before displaying the content unit to the user.  This is common for game launch placements.  If possible, pre-load requests should be made immediately when the game is launched or during the game load/splash screen process, before the content request.  Even if it's only one second earlier, that will reduce the delay by up to a second.

2. Pre-Load Each Placement Before Content Request

Pre-load every placement in your game as early as possible.
  • Pre-load multiple placements at the same time.
  • Pre-load each placement before it is triggered, while still allowing enough time for the content to be downloaded and cached before the content request (e.g. pre-load your 'end_of_level' placement when the game launches).