How do I save User Segments and how are they used?
Targeting is now more versatile than ever before! You can now save user segments and apply the defined segments to different content, without having to redefine targeting parameters within each content. Currently each dimension can only be used once and users must match all dimensions defined (e.g. location is in United States AND connection type is WiFi). As always, please note that Test Devices do not adhere to targeting rules.


Defining Targeting Rules

You can create complex targeting rules using one or many dimensions (defined below).  Each User Segment can be defined with boolean (AND/OR/NOT) operators and nested rules.  Here's an example of a complex rule that targets players in North America that are NOT on an iPod Touch and have played the game for 3 hours or more OR more than 100 game sessions.
Targeting and User Segments
To use targeting, rules must be defined as a saved User Segment and applied to the content unit.  These targeting rules can be defined in 'Game Settings > User Segments' or when creating/editing a content unit.
Creating and Managing User Segments
User Segments are specific to each game.  Ie, a segment created for Game A cannot be used in Game B.
User Segments are managed (create, edit, copy, and delete) in 'Game Settings > User Segments'.  Note that if a User Segment is edited, the modifications will be applied to any content unit that uses it.  Additionally, if a User Segment is deleted, targeting rules will no longer be applied to content units that use it.
No User Segments are Saved:

Adding a User Segment (1/2):
Adding a User Segment (2/2):
User Segments Added:


Using Saved User Segments

User Segments are applied set under the 'User Targeting' section when creating or editing content units.  Only one segment can be applied to each content unit.
Adding Targeting Rules (1/3):

Adding Targeting Rules (2/3):
Adding Targeting Rules (3/3):

No Saved User Segment:

Migrating from Old Targeting Rules

Publishers that have saved or published content units with the old targeting rules (before boolean/nesting UI and saved user segments was available), must go through a "migration" flow when editing old content units.  The original targeting rules appear on the page and the user is given the following two options if they wish to make any changes:
1. Save as a User Segment - save existing rules as a User Segment after giving it a name and description.  They may optionally edit the rules before saving.
2. Replace with Saved User Segment - select an saved User Segment to replace existing rules.
Editing Content Unit with Old Targeting Rules:

Replacing and Selecting a Saved User Segment (1/2):

Replacing and Selecting a Saved User Segment (2/2):

Saving Old Targeting Rules as a User Segment (1/2):

Saving Old Targeting Rules as a User Segment (2/2):