How to prioritize content using the Priority View
When a user encounters a placement within the app, one or more content units may be assigned to that placement; however, only one content unit may be presented at that moment.  The system will display the content unit at the top of the Priority List for that particular placement unless they do not meet the target rules/requirements for that content unit.  There are several rules that may suppress a content unit from being displayed to a particular user, such as:
  • content unit is targeted to iPad but the user is on an iPhone
  • user has already encountered the content unit and exceeded the defined frequency cap(s)
  • cross-promoted app is already owned by the user
The system will default to the next content unit in the Priority View until it finds a content unit that can be displayed to the user.  If none can be displayed, the app continues without hesitation.
NOTE: Test Devices ignore rules but abide by the Priority View settings.

Prioritizing Content Units

When a new content unit is created, it is assigned as the top priority for placements it's assigned to be default.  To adjust priority, the publisher must:
1) Navigate to the Priority View on the Game Index page
Before a placement is selected:


2) Click on a placement (optionally search to filter the list of placements)
No content units assigned to this placement (e.g. level_up_1):

Filtering the list of placements:


3) Drag-and-drop the content unit they want to prioritize above or below other content units assigned to the same placement.  The new priority will save immediately.
Placement selected (e.g. game_launch):

Dragging-and-dropping a content unit: