What features does Upsight offer?
Upsight is the business engine for mobile apps offering developers flexible tools to intelligently manage player acquisition, engagement, and monetization.

Developers can deploy any combination of our tools to help them better manage their mobile app business - solving critical business challenges. Our products include:
  • Upsight Acquire powers successful app launches and continuously drives high quality users into a app.
  • Upsight Engage creates and delivers targeted, personalized messages in and out of the app that keep users engaged in the app.
  • Upsight Monetize grows revenue by creating and deploying in-app purchase promotions and relevant ads to targeted user segments.

Core Upsight platform features include:
  • User Segmentation - define important user segments based on key characteristics in order to send targeted, personalized communications at critical moments in a user's lifecycle.
  • Online Dashboard - create and update campaigns in real-time-- tracking key performance metrics like DAU, MAU, and revenue.
  • Easy to Integrate SDK - easy-to-integrate, open source SDKs with small memory footprints for iOS and Android and available for popular plugins Unity, Corona, Adobe Air, and Marmalade.