More Games Widget Skinning Summary


To provide more customization options and ability to make the more games widget look and feel more native to the game, publishers can customize design elements of their more games widget. This is configurable on a per-content unit basis and is supported on both iOS and Android.


Examples/Use Cases

1. Holiday Promotion Skin - often publishers run limited-time holiday promotions (4th of July, New Years, Christmas), announcing new game content, sales, and other content relevant to the season. Create a new custom-designed more games widget (MGW) content unit, prioritized above their existing MGW content unit and scheduled through the holiday promotion time period. This is especially effective when coordinated with their internally promoted games’ holiday themed game icons.

Note that non-international holidays should be targeted to appropriate countries as not to alienate some players. For example, a 4th of July promotion might be limited to U.S. players. 

2. Promote Internal Games and Content in Header - use a custom header to promote new games, limited time sales, or new in-game content in one of their internally promoted games.

Note that games a user already owns are automatically suppressed (if Upsight’s SDK or API is integrated); however, the header does not support any of this logic.

Customizable Elements

The widget is customized in the “advanced presentation options” module on the content unit edit page.

Default Header Selected

Custom Header Selected

The following elements are customizable:

1. Header Image

  1. Default Image - 6 predefined “More Games” images are provided

     b. Custom Image - image can be uploaded for both regular and retina/ipad devicesfor portrait and landscape orientations (if both are supported)

Supported formats:

PNG, JPG, or GIF (animations included, example here)


1. Regular

  • Height: 40px max for both orientations
  • Width: ~250px max for portrait and ~400px landscape

2. Retina/iPad/Tablet

  • Height: 80px max for both orientations
  • Width: ~500px max for portrait and ~800px for landscape

3. Additional Notes:

  • Images less than the max height will be vertically centered
  • Both portrait and landscape orientations have the same height restrictions
  • If no Retina/iPad/Tablet image is uploaded, the Regular image will scale up for larger devices as we currently do with our other content units
  • It is recommended that publishers use a transparent PNG or GIF as the uploaded image will not span the entire content area due to various device resolutions/sizes

4. File size:

  • 2MB limit
  • Recommended file size is as small as they can make them within reason (of course too much image compression will look grainy)

2. Header and Footer Color

  1. Header and footer (beneath the list of games) are set to the same color

  2. Color options (slight gradient):

    1. dark-gray (default)

    2. blue

    3. green

    4. pink

    5. purple

    6. red

    7. custom (hex color)

3. Button and Game Title Color

  1. Button and Game Title are set to the same color

  2. Color options (slight gradient):

    1. dark-blue (default)

    2. green

    3. light-blue

    4. pink

    5. purple

    6. red

    7. custom (hex color)