How to create a More Games Widget
  1. Log into your  Upsight Marketing Dashboard (,  and click on the game where you would like to edit the More Games Widget content unit.

  3. Scroll down and you should see a ‘More Games’ content unit under the More Games Widget.

  5. Click on the content unit and then select ‘Edit.’ The template will guide you to customize your More Games Widget.

  7. To change the number of titles to promote click the drop-down under ‘Games to Promote’, and choose a number between 5-10.

  9. Select any internal games to show in the More Games Widget from the drop down.  You have the option to add as many internal games to promote as you would like.  In the advanced promotion section you can limit the total number of internal games to be shown.  Our system will detect whether a user has your game installed and not show.  This functionality only works when the destination game also has the Upsight SDK integrated.

  11. To disable the Featured Game Preroll uncheck the box next to ‘Enable Featured Game Preroll’. The Featured Game Preroll is the interstitial that is displayed prior to the game chart, and is one of the highest converting advertisements.

  13. To filter out advertisers that you do not want to promote click the ‘+’ to show advertiser filters. Unchecked advertisers will not be shown on your More Games Widget.

  15. Select Placement for where you want to show your More Games Widget, and schedule and set frequency caps if desired.  We do not recommend any scheduling or frequency caps on the More Game Widget as it is a static button in your game.

  17. Click "Save" to test, and "Publish" when you're ready to set the More Games Widget live.

Learn more about how you can customize the More Games Widget to fit your game exactly!