How to add Placements
Placements are one of the main tools Developer's use to engage with with their users. The following process describes the process in order to set up a placement. 
  1. Log into your Upsight Marketing Dashboard (

  2. Click on the game you wish to set a placement for

  3. Click ‘Game Settings’ on the top right.  

  4. From there, click the 'Placements' link on the upper right side

  5. Add the desired Placement and name it appropriately. We recommend you use only lowercase letters, and underscores ("_") when creating placement names.  E.g. game_launch, end_of_level, kill_boss instead of GameLaunch, EndOfLevel, KillBoss.  It is critically important that the placement tags you define here match the tags you use in your implementation code.


  6. Use the "description" field to give human-readable meaning to your Placements. E.g. "The user reaches level 3"

  7. Hit "Save"



Now you should be able to use and target this placement by calling for it by the appropriate name in your code.