General Details for Advertising in the PlayHaven Ad Network
1) PlayHaven Ad Network General Details

  • PlayHaven Ad Network does not support individual click URLs per creative and/or country. For more details please see the “Campaign Setup Details” section (item 5) below.
  • Lead-time for a new campaign launch can be up to 2 business days once all necessary onboarding steps are completed. 

To be provided to your account manager prior to launch:
  1. Executed IO
  2. Creative and ad text
  3. Tracking details and confirmation of successful setup
  4. Campaign details (bids, budget, targeting)
  • PlayHaven Ad Network operates in UTC and has a 7-day attribution window. All data, reports and invoices reflect this.
  • Billing is based off of PlayHaven Ad Network reports. In the event of any discrepancy concerns, please contact your account manager.
2) Budget Requirements

  • Minimum $1k total budget for a weekday campaign.
  • Minimum $3k total budget for a weekend campaign.
  • Minimum $1k daily cap.
3) Operational Details
  • Our normal business hours are 9am PST to 6pm PST, Monday through Friday.
  • Requests coming in post 5pm PST Monday through Thursday may not be addressed until the next day. 
  • For the weekend, please send all your requests by 12pm PST on Friday. Any requests coming in after 12pm PST may not be addressed until the following week.
  • Phone calls need to be scheduled ahead of time. You can coordinate a date and time with our team via e-mail.
  • No calls outside of business hours.
  • Install and bid projections can take up to 72 hours. Projections are considered outdated after 14 days.
  • There are no install guarantees.
    • Our auction-based system is ever changing and volumes depend on multiple variables, which include but are not limited to: ad performance (CTR and CVR), genre, available publisher inventory, and advertiser competition.
4) Creative & Campaign text requirements
Each creative needed in 2 sizes. We can run a maximum of 3 creative sets per campaign.
  • Small: 320x280 - PNG file only, with max 120KB
  • Large: 640x560 - PNG file only, with max 120KB

Two campaign text versions needed.
  • One max 60 characters including spaces
  • One max 90 characters including spaces
5) Campaign Setup Details
  • All campaign details to be communicated on one e-mail thread per app.
  • Maximum of 4 Tiers per app.  A tier is a group of targeting measures.
    • i.e. Tier 1: US, UK, CA, AU  - iPhone
    • i.e. Tier 2: US, FR, DE, NL, SE, DK – iPad
  • Maximum of 3 creative sets per tier active at any given time.
    • We can support creative changes on a two-week or monthly basis.
    • We have limited localized creative support. Please ask your account manager for more details.
  • Only one click URL and one conversion URL per tier.
    • We do not support individual click URLs per creative and/or country. This data is included in one master click URL.
    • We can dynamically send all of the following data parameters shown below:

6) Insertion Order (IO) Process
  • Standard procedure is an Open-ended monthly or quarterly IO.
  • IO can be cancelled with a 24-hour notice.
  • Changes to budget or campaign details to be communicated via e-mail.
7) Payment Details
  • Net 30.
  • Wire Transfer or Check only.
  • Invoices are sent on the 8th of every month once our 7-day attribution window has closed and they reflect a full month based on UTC.

Common Questions:

How do I make my ad more competitive?
If you'd like to make your ad more competitive in the auction, you may want to raise your bid. We also recommend you refine your creative and targeting to make sure you are reaching the right players with the right message. Our team of Account Managers can further help you optimize your campaigns.

How does the PlayHaven Ad Network auction work?
For each impression available in the PlayHaven Ad Network, the auction selects the best ads to run based on the ads’ maximum bids and ad performance. The highest bid won’t always guarantee placement. All ads compete against each other in this process. The ads that our system determines most likely to be successful will be shown. This is an automated optimization process tuned for extracting the highest value for our advertisers, publishers and game players.

Where will my PlayHaven Ads be displayed?
Your Interstitial, Featured, and More Games ads are showcased in other high-quality game titles that have installed our Upsight SDK and have requested to display ads. The placement in each game is determined by the game owner.

When are installs or conversions reported for promoted apps?
In order to track conversions, the promoted app must have the Upsight SDK or server-side API's integrated.  The install is recognized and reported as soon as the user downloads and OPENS the app within 7 days of the original click.  The conversion date is backdated to the time (in UTC) the user clicked the promotion.