Upsight Monetize Tools
Upsight monetization tools help mobile developers grow revenue by creating and deploying in-app purchase promotions and relevant ads to targeted user segments. Upsight Monetize tools both identify monetizable user groups and then deliver relevant communications designed to maximize revenue. These tools include:

In-Game Ads - generate revenue by displaying ads from top quality game and app developers.  
  • Quality Advertisers: large ad inventory from notable game and app mobile publishers ranging from triple A game developers to indie developers.
  • Total Control: developers can decide which advertisers can advertise in their apps and can control to whom the ads are shown with custom user segments, the frequency and placement of ads.
  • Effective Content Units: full-screen interstitial, apps recommendation, and feature app interstitials ads that help encourage installs and drive revenue.
Virtual Goods Promotion (VGP) - maximize in-app revenue by promoting virtual goods to key user segments. Build a better relationship with usres by offering them relevant virtual goods designed to meet their specific needs within an app.