Upsight Engage Tools
Upsight engagement tools help developers learn more about their users, build customer loyalty, improve communication, and re-engage after they've left the app. Upsight Engage tools deliver targeted, personalized communications in- and out-of the app that keep users engaged. These tools include:
  • Push Notifications - send targeted messages that bring users back into your app, taking them to a specific game location or displaying a Upsight content unit like a Reward or Virtual Good Promotion.
  • Rewards - incentivize continued app usage and improve customer loyalty with targeted rewards for valuable user segments.
  • Announcements - improve user communication with targeted in-app messages that make a meaningful impact, like automatic welcome messages and upgrade reminders. Announcements can also direct users to places like an app's social media page or to an app store to write a review.
  • Opt-In Data Collection - developers can collect email, phone number, gender, age information that can be used to better understand users and communicate with them outside of the app.