Legacy PlayHaven Unity and Prime31

Legacy PlayHaven Unity Plugin and Prime31 Unity Plugins: getting them working together


If you attempt to use the Legacy PlayHaven Unity plugin with Prime31, you will get numerous errors unless you follow the steps below:


When doing the:


Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package -> playhaven-sdk-unity-1.14.2.unitypackage


step to add Playhaven to your Unity project, you must uncheck 3 files: the python script, and the two PostprocessBuildPlayer files. Specifically, these files must be unchecked and excluded from the import:

  • Assets/Editor/mod_pbxproj.py

  • Assets/Editor/PostprocessBuildPlayer_PlayHaven

  • Assets/Editor/PostprocessBuildPlayer


Below is a screenshot showing what this step looks like in Unity 4.1.5: