More Games Getting Started Guide
Grow Revenue And Generate Free Installs

More Games is a non-interruptive placement in your game featuring a list of game titles. These promoted game
titles can be a list of your games, other great games from the PlayHaven Ad Network or a combination. Whether you choose to promote your games or other games, you benefit either way. You gain a new player for free if you’re promoting your game titles or revenue if you’re promoting other game titles.

Players discover these featured games by clicking on the More Games button placed anywhere in your game.
They are taken to a Featured Preroll Game and then to a list of game titles. Since players are showing intent to
learn more, the engagement rates are exceptional.

More Games is fully customizable.

Whether showcasing other game titles and/or cross promoting your own games, you choose how the list looks,
where it’s featured in your game, who sees it, and which titles are featured.

With so much customization, it’s often hard to know where to start. Attached is your More Games Getting Started Guide with list of all the options available to you. We recommend testing a variety of options to find what works best for your audience. We’ve also supplied some tips and recommendations to get you started.