General Integration FAQs
Here are some frequently asked questions regarding integration:

Q. I'm not seeing any game sessions on my Dashboard.
A. Please check to make sure your game is sending an Open request. View our integration checklist here.

Q. I'm not seeing any advertisements.
A. Please check to make sure your game is sending a Content request. View our integration checklist here. If you see a Content request URL but are still not getting advertisements, please check the URL for the placement parameter. Please ensure that you have a content unit on your dashboard that matches this placement parameter exactly as it shows up in the URL.

Q. I'm not seeing a placeholder placement.
A. Please make sure that your device has been added to your account's test devices and it's been at least five minutes since you've added it. Please also ensure that your device is connected to the internet.

Q. I'm seeing a placeholder placement instead of the advertisement I was looking for.
A. You will see the placeholder placement when you call a placement that does not have a content unit attached, and your device is set up as a test device on your account. Please make sure that you have added a content unit to your account dashboard, and that it is using the same placement that is listed in the placeholder. Please ensure the spelling matches exactly between the placeholder and the dashboard.

Q. I'm seeing a content unit on one device, but not on another device?
A. If the content unit is listed as testing on your dashboard, it will only be visible to devices that have been added to your account's test devices. You can either add the second device to your account's test devices so it can see the content unit, or you can publish the content unit so all devices (yours and other peoples) can see the content unit. 

Q. I'm not seeing an advertisement for my cross-promoted game.
A. Upsight will suppress ads for games that have already been installed and opened on your device. If the device you are using has had the game installed and opened before, you will not see it advertised. If it is the only game being advertised, you will not see an advertisement. If it's one game out of many in a More Games Widget, you will not see it listed in the widget (but will see other games that have not been suppressed, if you have any advertised that are not suppressed).

Q. I'm getting an 'error:null' response in my JSON object.
A. The 'error:null' is actually the list of errors encountered when fetching your content. If it's 'null' then no errors were encountered. If you're seeing a JSON object with just this and errobj, then there was no content to display. The most common reasons that there is no content to display is that you either do not have a content unit on your dashboard that is connected to the placement you're calling in your code, or you've hit a frequency cap or suppression rule on your content unit.

Q. I've built my Unity 4 project for iOS, but I'm getting a "-[UIDevice hardware]: unrecognized selector" error.
A. Please add -all_load in the Other Linker Flags in your XCode project