Install Attribution

Tips to follow:

1. Depending on the identifiers sent to PlayHaven, the v4 signature will be affected. Note that Token and Nonce are REQUIRED. Here are some examples (with Token = TOKEN and Nonce = 1234567 in all examples):

Here, all identifiers (Device, IFA, MAC and ODIN) are used:

Here, only IFA is used:


Here, IFA, MAC and ODIN are used:


Here, Device, MAC and ODIN are used:


Here, MAC and ODIN, are used:

2. Note that PlayHaven will send a user to the iTunes or Google Play store and you do not need to send us a redirect link to do so.

3. For error responses, please see the Error Response page.

For advertisers and third-party vendors who need to get information about Custom Click Tracing URL support, or Install Reporting, please click here.